8. 11. 2022

Architects, urban planners, environmentalists, economists and more – this is the range of experts that the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative brings together to connect the Green Deal to our everyday lives and living spaces. And we have become part of this community, also known as the Green Deal in Construction.

We have been helping to develop and set a new direction for the city of Terezín for a long time. Our goal is to revive Terezín and make it more attractive for future generations. And thanks to becoming a member of the NEB, this step is much closer to reality. Also, there are the brownfields in Ústí nad Labem. Another issue that is tailor-made for the NEB community. We can use the experts from the initiative and their know-how already in the development of projects. In Antwerp, for example, an old warehouse has been transformed into a space with a café, greenery and space for concerts.

“Because of these brownfield sites, we saw a huge potential to join this network of experts from whom we can get ideas for reviving the sites and be inspired by good practice from abroad. Another advantage is that if we design a project that is in line with the NEB initiative, the evaluators are more open to approving the project than projects that do not include elements from the NEB initiative,” says Lukáš Eršil, consultant for Smart Region and New European Bauhaus.

It is not easy to become a member of the NEB. Starting from the assessment of the member, his/her vision and strategy, there is also a need to present the prepared projects that the community in the NEB is assessing.

Each member of the initiative must then commit to:

  • bringing together diverse experts from different fields to generate ideas
  • identification of inspiring projects, practices or concepts
  • engaging citizens in discussion and gathering needs and expectations

NEB’s core vision is to facilitate and drive the transformation of our society according to three inseparable values:

  • sustainability, from climate targets to circular economy, zero pollution and biodiversity.
  • aesthetics, quality of experience and style beyond functionality.
  • inclusion, from valuing diversity to ensuring accessibility and affordability

“If the Green Deal had a soul, then it is a New European Bauhaus that would lead to an explosion of creativity throughout our Union,” said Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, about the initiative.

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