SPoint of the Ústí Region

The field of social entrepreneurship remains, at first glance, on the sidelines, but that does not mean that we do not pay attention to it as well. In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, we are opening a regional contact point for social entrepreneurship for the Ústí Region.

SPoint will provide:

  • free advice and consultation,
  • education and training,
  • offer the opportunity to work together to promote social entrepreneurship,
  • provide information on financial resources,
  • to provide networking and experience sharing opportunities and
  • Support the incubation of ideas for social entrepreneurship.


  • they are business activities that benefit society and the environment
  • plays an important role in local development and often creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities or social disadvantages
  • Profits are largely used for the further development of the social enterprise
  • making a profit and increasing public benefit are equally important for a social enterprise


  • wants to do things differently and better, i.e. primary motivation comes from the different value ranking of founders and management
  • most of any profits are returned to the company or donated to socially beneficial causes
  • respects the interests and individual needs of its employees, strives for their identification with the social enterprise
  • usually employs disadvantaged people (integrative social enterprise), but this is not a requirement
  • is independent, works with the local community and stakeholders, and behaves in partnership

Principles of Social Enterprise

According to the valid call 024 OPZ+. The full text, including comments and methods of proof, can be found HERE.

Source: ceske-socialni-podnikani.cz

Financing options for social enterprise

and credits
and subsidies
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→ Contact our consultant for the Ústí nad Labem region for expert advice in the regions:

Ing. Lenka Macková

777 549 381

Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

ICUK Space Castle, Work Space,

Velká Hradební 2800/54, Ústí n. Labem

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