Regional Innovation Valleys

Regional Innovation Valleys (RIV) is a European initiative aimed at strengthening innovation in European regions, with a particular focus on bridging the innovation gap by promoting innovation in deep technology. The initiative seeks to bring together innovation actors across Europe, address societal challenges, promote greater cohesion and foster inter-regional innovation projects. The aim is to create a community of regions that address local challenges and needs while being guided by the EU’s strategic priorities. Part of the wider agenda is to support the green and digital transitions currently underway in Europe.

The Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region (ICUK) is dedicated to supporting local companies, promoting entrepreneurship, project development and increasing the attractiveness of the region for investors. It seeks to connect partners from the world of business, research and education and has the ambition to grow beyond the region.

Joining the Regional Innovation Valleys initiative could be in line with ICUK’s objectives for several reasons:

  1. Increased connectivity and collaboration: by becoming part of the RIV, ICUK could significantly expand its network and collaborate with other innovation actors across Europe. This fits well with ICUK’s mission to bring together different stakeholders within and outside the region.
  2. Addressing societal challenges: the RIV initiative emphasises addressing pressing societal challenges, a goal that resonates with ICUK’s objectives to promote innovative solutions that can contribute to regional and perhaps wider societal well-being.
  3. Access to new opportunities and resources: the European Commission’s initiative to promote interregional innovation cooperation through the Cohesion Policy Funds and Horizon Europe could provide ICUK with additional resources and opportunities to support local innovators and entrepreneurs.
  4. Enhancing regional attractiveness and competitiveness: by being part of a recognised European initiative, ICUK could further enhance the attractiveness of the Ústí nad Labem region as a centre for innovation and investment, thereby contributing to its objective of strengthening the regional economy and competitiveness on a larger scale
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