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EUROCHAMBERS, founded in 1958, is an association that acts as the eyes, ears and voice of the chambers of commerce and the business community. It represents more than 20 million businesses through its members and a network of 1,700 regional and local chambers across Europe. It is also the main voice of the wider business community at EU level, building on the chambers’ strong links to the local economy and their practical support for entrepreneurs. The Chambers’ member companies, of which more than 93% are SMEs, employ over 120 million people.

The IP SME Helpdesk is a key tool for SMEs seeking to expand into markets in India and Latin America. It offers comprehensive IP support and advice to ensure your innovation and creativity is protected. Our teams of local experts have in-depth knowledge of local legal systems and industries, so services are tailored to your industry and specific needs.

– focuses on economic policy, international trade, business relations, the single market, education and sustainability
– manages the so-called. Country-specific helpdesks for Latin America and Asia
– ICUK has signed a cooperation agreement and facilitates contacts to individual helpdesks


EU-funded projects supporting SMEs and organisations interested in doing business or already doing business in the Indian and Latin American markets:

  • free direct consultations with expert partners
  • on-site educational events, webinars
  • diagnostic tools for company readiness and direct assistance with trademark registration incl. an overview of the financial requirements involved
  • access to a network of local innovation centres (entities)
  • information on open calls for the transition to a green economy

eurochambers services

economic policy
  • facilitate access to financial solutions
  • debt financing
  • minimising red tape and regulation for SMEs arising from existing EU legislation
international trade
  • free, fair and inclusive trade
  • internationalisation services
  • public-private partnerships
business relations
  • boosting trade and prosperity across Europe
  • practical support measures
single market
  • favourable environment for SMEs
  • the effective functioning of the EEN network
  • EU initiatives, programmes and legislation to facilitate access to finance
  • maximising the value of human capital
  • promoting entrepreneurship education and training = cross-cutting skills, adaptability and entrepreneurial mindset
  • cooperation with the business community and a greater focus on competences rather than qualifications
  • policy dialogue on education and training
  • improving apprenticeship programmes
  • a Europe-wide approach to integrating refugees into the labour market
  • transition to a low carbon and circular economy – kick-starting the opportunity for green growth and ensuring the competitiveness of European industry
  • strengthening energy and resource efficiency chambers services at EU level

I need help with TRADEMARK / PATENT protection
in india and latin america

Make an appointment with us in person or online
and get direct help from expert partners
with trademark registration
Incl. an overview of the financial requirements involved.

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