Teacher training

The next educational activity, which will be organised by ICUK from 2024, is intended for school teachers in the Ústí Region. Together with other institutions, we are bringing blocks of training on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial competences, creativity and innovation to the region.

The aim of the training is not only to increase competence, awareness and bring new methods or methodologies to teachers in the Ústí Region, but also to the creation of a network of so-called entrepreneurship ambassadors in schools.

The Ambassadors will be the promoters of entrepreneurship and will continue to educate their pupils and students through various activities in cooperation with the ICUK team and experts from practice. This activity will also be financially supported by ICUK.

We want every secondary school in the Ústí Region to have an ambassador within four years.

In early 2024 we will publish the range of training courses and topics we will offer. This activity will also be financially supported by ICUK for you, schools and teachers.

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