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Revolution in real estate advertising launched by ICUK startup

Revolution in real estate advertising launched by ICUK startup

The startup Virtualizace V&V, which was put through our StartUp Go incubator and went on to win the StartUp Go Grill (the Usti version of Dragon’s Den), has concluded an agreement with one of the largest real estate advertising web portals in the country.

The boys at Virtualizace V&V succeeded in establishing collaboration that took them all the way to the signature of an agreement with the web portal, meaning the world of real estate advertising is about to get a virtual reality upgrade.

“We all know what it’s like to be looking for a flat or a house online and the photos in the ads are done in such a way that they turn you off just looking at them. What’s more, you have absolutely no way to get your bearings inside the property, and the worst is when you’re looking at, say, a five-bedroom house and you’ve only got three pictures to go on. These are precisely the cases where the ads are entirely ineffective and of no use to either the real estate agent or the potential buyer,” explains Petr Vít, adding that “virtual tours of real estate are nothing new, but we’re the first ones to reach an agreement with a really large advertising website. And we won this contract thanks to the level of interactivity we’re able to implement in the virtual tours.”

To see what a Virtualizace V&V tour looks like, check out this demo. We recommend using audio.

Thanks to the collaboration between Virtualizace V&V and, you’ll be able to tour certain properties before actual travelling to see them in person. This saves you and the real estate agent time and energy. Moreover, the tours are always complete with relevant information, and the sounds, commentary, and videos help potential buyers get a real feel for the property. And if you like the property, you can set up an appointment with the real estate agent from right inside the tour.

The two brothers behind the project applied to our StartUp Go incubator, which they say helped them get their priorities in order and set clear goals. The brothers had no shortage of ideas, but they did lack focus.

Virtualizace V&V specialises in the creation of virtual tours. Their originality and, especially, the degree of interactivity in their tours helped them secure victory in the competitions T-Mobile Rozjezdy 2016 and StartUp Go Grill.



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| Revolution in real estate advertising launched by ICUK startup

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