We’re building an innovation ecosystem

for the Usti Region

Projects we’re changing the region with

We’re building an innovation ecosystem for the Usti Region and are working towards developing the region through independent projects designed to generate new economic opportunities, better conditions, and new tools and services for the people of the region.

Usti Region

#a new start

A stone’s throw from both Prague and Dresden. Situated in a place of scenic beauty for a fraction of the cost. It’s the energy of talented people and the chemistry of the region that will enchant you. It’s an opportunity to begin afresh. Usti Region – a new start.

Support and development

of the Innovation Environment in the Usti Region II

The Innovation Centre of the Usti Region is a partner of the project ‘Support and Development of the Innovation Environment in the Usti Region II (Smart II – UR)’, which builds on the successes of the project ‘Smart Accelerator for the Usti Region’ and is conceived to promote development of the innovation economy in the Usti Region in alignment with the Czech Republic’s National Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (National RIS3 Strategy) and its regional sections on behalf of the Usti Region.

# Innovation in infrastructure

Autonomous mobility

development and testing of driverless cars in Usti nad Labem


A digital platform for unified and open data in the Usti Region.

Mobility Innovation Hub

The goal of this project is to create a technologically advanced environment capable of generating and providing facilities, support, and knowhow to innovative projects in the field of smart mobility.

The pilot stage (2020–23) will focus on establishing partnerships between public administration, regional governments, and private entities. Efforts will be undertaken to seek out and incubate startups as well as offer development activities for members.

Digital innovation hub ICUK

support of research and implementation of the Industry 4.0, Smart City a IoT concepts

Digital Health Platform

A Platform for the digitalization of Healthcare in the Usti Region 

Smart Cities in the Usti Region


Smart cities, smart communities… a big topic in the Usti Region too. We’re preparing a special subpage with an overview of activities, educational events, and inspiring examples.

In November of 2019, a total of 18 entities, including the Usti Region, cities, key companies, research organizations, and support institutions signed the Memorandum on Partnership and Collaboration in Developing the Comprehensive Use of Hydrogen as a Source of Clean Energy in the Usti Region.

 The goal of the collaboration is the preparation and implementation of activities supporting the comprehensive use of hydrogen, namely hydrogen produced in the technological process of companies in the Usti Region, which would be processed in the region by means of liquefaction and then distributed as a clean carbon-free fuel intended for a wide range of applications in the area of its energy utilization (for example, in the development of zero-emissions transportation in the Usti Region).

 The plan is unique in the Czech Republic in that it offers a comprehensive closed circuit within a single region, from the use of hydrogen (primarily in existing manufacturing facilities in the region) and its processing and distribution, to efficient energy utilization. The project has highly positive ecological potential and also gives rise to significant economic benefits for companies in the Usti Region in the sphere of current global progressive technological trends.

# Innovation in education

robotic tandem teacher project

integrating a humanoid robot into an elementary school classroom

The idea behind the project entitled A Robot as a Tandem Teacher, Helper, and Assistant to Students and the Teacher is to test the integration of humanoid robots as tandem teachers (education 4.0 / co-bots) into Czech classrooms. The pilot phase of the project took place in the autumn of 2019 at Neštěmická Elementary School.

 Working together on the project are Neštěmická Elementary School in Usti nad Labem, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (education and science faculties), Czech Technical University, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, the city of Usti nad Labem, the Usti Region, and ICUK. The project has been selected for participation in the ETA programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


The Stages project of Israeli talent mentor Opher Brayer focuses on developing creativity and mathematical thinking among elementary school students. ICUK helped launch the project and test it at nine schools primarily in the Usti Region, though it was also introduced at schools in Prague, Mnichovo Hradiště, and Hořice.

 The method, which at once develops analytical thinking, combinatorics, and creativity through thousands of exercises involving musical instruments, karate, drawing, geometry, etc., was tested on nearly one thousand children with dozens of teachers having completed training, the best whom were then certified to train other educators. In 2019, the Stages Method received accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport in part thanks to assistance from ICUK.


increasing creativity and mathematical thinking in schools


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