Nanotechnology and green chemistry

We support and promote new progressive directions and cross-cutting sectors in the traditional chemical industry, such as nanotechnology and green chemistry.

We support key Players in research organisations and companies.


They have long been the preserve of research laboratories, but in recent years find their way to practical application in many fields of life, from self-cleaning coatings with titanium dioxide nanoparticles, to nanoparticles of metals and their oxides for medical diagnostics and tumor destruction and environmental protection, to sensors and molecular electronics.

The recent global pandemic has highlighted the importance of nanofibrous materials for health protection, but the range of applications of nanofibrous materials and nanomaterials in general is much broader and has high application potential.

  • research is conducted at three faculties of UJEP
  • the field and use of nanofibrous materials for health protection, medical diagnostics and tumour destruction, sensors and molecular electronics


It is so-called sustainable chemistry and represents the implementation of principles that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of substances hazardous to human health and the environment in the research, production and application of chemical products and processes, e.g. solvents, waste prevention, renewable energy, catalysis.

Safer chemicals = minimising the risk of potential accidents. One of the goals of green chemistry is the search for new energy sources independent of fossil fuels, the so-called renewable energy sources, which is a big topic especially for the Ústí Region.

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