Innovation in health and social services

Healthcare and social services are an area that affects us all very intensely and is becoming even more important with the current demographic developments. As part of the development of the regional innovation ecosystem, it is necessary to promote innovation in health and social services and to deepen cooperation between the academic, business and public sectors.

In the Ústí Region there is significant player Regional Health, a. s., which brings together 7 hospitals and is one of the largest employers in the region. In addition, the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Applied Sciences in Ústí nad Labem is now located on its premises, which will increase the quality of teaching and deepen the necessary cooperation between the two important institutions.

As part of the coordination of the platform for the digitalisation of health and social services (ICUK is a member of the international Reference Site Collaborative Network), we support the identification and development of activities in the field of prevention, active and healthy ageing, telemedicine and the use of artificial intelligence. A cross-cutting theme is digitalisation and new technologies.

Our activities connect demand and supply for innovation
on the basis of cooperation between entities
public, academic and private spheres.


  • The DIGITAL HEALTH PLATFORM is an informal grouping of regional and supra-regional actors from health and social service providers, research institutions, health and IT companies, state and municipal authorities and organisations supporting innovative entrepreneurship,
  • It was established in the summer of 2019  and since January 2020 it has been awarded the status of an internationalReference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN), by European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.
  • In 2022, based on the existence of a comprehensive strategy to support innovation in health and care, the status was upheld and, in addition, the assessment managed to obtain almost the maximum number of stars in the assessment (3* out of 4*).

The PLATFORM aims to support digitalization and innovative Technology-oriented approaches and processes in health and social services.

Tereza Okurková

koordinátorka aktivit DHP, konzultantka pro inovativní zdravotnictví a sociální služby

„Platformu vnímám jako skvělou příležitost pro propojování poptávky a nabídky po inovacích v oblasti zdravotnictví a sociálních služeb na základě spolupráce subjektů veřejné, akademické a soukromé sféry.“

Would you like to participate in innovations in health and social services with us?
Contact Tereza Okurkova at okurkova@icuk.cz


Everything important in one place


These projects emerged from the mapping of health care problems and needs during the platform meetings:

The group is coordinated by:
Martin Zeman (MZ)

Interlinked E-HEALTH platform for sharing data of individual treatment processes in the context of actual patient data

The group is coordinated by:
Pavel Enderle (TeskaLabs)
Michaela Šišková (Direct People)

Mobile apps in healthcare

The group is coordinated by:
Tomáš Siviček (ICUK, FSE UJEP)
Inka Pavelka (AIPO MSD)

Creation of a TESTBED/LAB platform for innovation, new technologies and collaboration (ecosystem creation)


Nearly thirty organisations and companies co-create the DHP with us and contribute to the platform’s goal.

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