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ICUK startup among top eight biotech projects in prestigious competition

ICUK startup among top eight biotech projects in prestigious competition

Martina Štefanková of the Mamavis project has secured a spot among the top 50 startups in the Czech round of Startup World Cup, the prestigious global competition for an investment of one million dollars. In the category BioTech Award by Delta Ventures, she’s among the top eight. The Czech round will produce a single winner, who will go on to compete in the global final held in Silicon Valley.

The Mamavis story begins with a mother whose paediatrician recommend she use Priessnitz wraps to treat her child. This traditional remedy of our grandmothers, however, wasn’t working for her – the wraps would either fall off or the child would take them off. Because she couldn’t find a suitable product on the market, she came up with her own solution, had a utility model issued for it, and went into business. The multi-layer wrap belt proved highly versatile, so she quickly devised additional products that, for example, help alleviate neck and back pain.

Mamavis completed the ICUK StartUp Go incubator, which helped the founder define a clear business plan, create a pricing policy, and expand the team of people currently working on the project. It’s no wonder, then, that Mamavis went on to achieve victory in the StartUp Go Grill – the final presentation of incubator startups to investors.

Want to know more about Mamavis? Visit the official website.



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| ICUK startup among top eight biotech projects in prestigious competition

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