After each run of our business incubator, we hold a STARTUP GO GRILL event where we “grill” projects in front of an expert jury and the general public.

Participants present their business plan to the jury of experts, a group of investors and the public. They have a time limit of 5 minutes for their presentation. An expert jury will then evaluate the best presentations and plans, and the winners will receive substantial cash prizes.

9th startup go grill – 11/2022

1st place: the ePultik project, which helps farmers in Ústí nad Labem to present and sell their goods to end customers. It’s a kind of an Ústí Rohlík.cz focused on local food products.

2nd place: the project ACTIVITY OVERHEAD by Jiří Šimůnský and Martina Marešová, which not only through suburban camps helps children get excited about school activities and returns to schools in a new coat, for example. and conscription education.

3rd place: the PANOPLY project, which is the brainchild of Kateřina Javůrková and Michaela Labudová, thanks to its visual form. It focuses on creating designer paper objects for interior decoration and celebrations, and creative sets for children.

Download the press release for the 9th year HERE


8th startup go grill – 4/2022

1st place: Rowingo, which develops and manufactures a rowing simulator that faithfully replicates the motion of a rowing boat.

2nd place: Bridge Academy, focusing on technology education for children and youth.

3rd place: Psychomat , which seeks to encourage the public to speak openly about psychology and mental health, to freely pursue their own careers in this field and to share their stories.

Download the press release HERE.

7th startup go grill – 2020

online events

1st place: Tezu – mobile app for modern moms

other participants: DentaClub, Emu, Contributr.io

6th startup go grill – 10/2019

1st place: Contributr.io – is an application for photographers that can automate the uploading and description of photos to photo banks with the help of artificial intelligence.

2nd place: import snacks – focuses on the production and distribution of snacks to schools and companies.

Press release on 6. of the year HERE.

5th startup go grill – 4/2019

1st place: know it all – a construction management application that brings efficient management to small, medium and large enterprises.

2nd place: LIPA Design – focuses on wooden handmade handbags made of natural material.

Voucherino – simple administration and production of gift vouchers.

Press release on the 5th. of the year HERE.

4th startup go grill – 10/2018

1st place: Cafeface – can print any photo, logo or picture on coffee, almost instantly. Ideal as value-added catering for corporate events.

2nd place: Luckydes, which focuses on custom manufacturing of designer dollhouses and pet habitats.

prize of Česká spořitelna: Saaczech, a project with the idea of recycling and renewability – from discarded parachutes of the Czech army they produce a replacement for disposable plastic bags.

Press release on the 4th. of the year HERE.

Press release on the 3rd. of the year HERE.

3rd startup go grill – 1/2018

1st place: SpecialistsGrid – connecting demand and supply of IT services, which works on the principle of AirBnB for IT professionals.

2nd place: Bridge Academy, focusing on technology education for children and youth.-

price of Česká spořitelna: Videobydlení – is a real estate portal with virtual and 3D tours in the real estate sector.

People’s Choice Award: the Alice Project, which uses modern technology to help people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease with memory training and anti-forgetting.

2nd startup go grill – 2017

1st place: Mamavis – project of improved Priessnitz wraps.

2nd place: multifunctional table for disabled children and develops their motor skills.

3rd place: Tellmehi – a travel social network project aimed at communication and exploration of tourist destinations between travelers and the inhabitants of the destinations themselves.

Award of Česká spořitelna: LDM production photo booths with its own software and innovations.

Press release on the 2nd. of the year HERE.

1st startup go grill – 2016

1st place: V&V virtualization – a project of marketing-oriented virtual tours of objects with video, sound, interactive links with information or links to e-shop.

2nd place: Zuzzle Puzzle – playful hand-painted puzzles for all generations.

3rd place: Wrinkle

Press release on 1. of the year HERE.


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