Autonomous Mobility in the Region

UJEP – Valeo

Driverless car research project

In 2017, ICUK negotiated and launched a joint research project between Valeo, a global supplier of autonomous vehicle systems, and the UJEP Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, which at tens of millions of Czech crowns amounts to the largest company contract in the history of UJEP.

The project involves assessing videos of autonomous (driverless) vehicle test drives, and in large part it’s being undertaken by university students together with some secondary school students.

The project has already been extended twice, and negotiations are currently taking place to further increase the volume of the contract.

– Largest contract in the history of UJEP

– Up to 124 new jobs

U Smart Zone

A project for testing autonomous cars in Usti nad Labem

ICUK became the initiator, coordinator, and propagator of a vision of testing autonomous vehicles in Usti nad Labem. The project has the support of the Usti nad Labem city council and was included in the action plan of the Re:start programme. ICUK also serves as expert consultant for the project and compiled the documentation required to open a selection process for a feasibility study. Following review, the study, which was prepared by the company KPMG in collaboration with the Czech Technical University (CTU), was approved by the city of Usti nad Labem. Negotiations are currently underway to secure support from the Usti Region.

– Usti as the leader of the initiative to test autonomous mobility in Czech cities

Variations of test routes in Usti nad Labem

(based on feasibility study KPMG, CTU, 2018)

Variation A – 6.9 km

Variation B – 20 km, part of motorway D8

Petr Achs

Petr Achs

RIS developer for autonomous mobility in Usti Region

U Smart Zone Feasibility Study

Final Report – U Smart Zone Safety Inspection



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