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Ninth annual T-Mobile Rozjezdy competition in support of beginning enterprisers under way

Starting today, companies from Usti Region can apply for innovation grants of up to 199,000 CZK

FEB 11 from 4 pm – Grow with Google: How to launch a startup in 30 days

FEB 12 from 12 pm – Grow with Google: Dive into the world of digital marketing

At international conference in Kiev, ICUK and UJEP give presentation on kickstarting the Usti Region

Region approves innovation grant and supports beginning entrepreneurs

MAR 6 from 7 pm – Fuckup Night Ústí nad Labem vol. 4

30 JAN 2019 from 9am – Kickstarting Innovation in Companies 2

December 6 from 8:30am – Breakfast of Champions Junior

Innovative companies in the region go head to head for prestigious award. Application deadline extended to November 4

Coffee printing company and bags made from discarded parachutes win Startup Go Grill

Mamavis project supported by the Innovation Centre of the Usti Region dominates nationwide ‘Nastartujte se’ competition

Innovation companies at your fingertips – the new Ústí Region Research Atlas is here

Demand growing for ICUK enterprise incubator; now helping startups in foodservice industry

A smart parking application and a platform for involving citizens in the creation of a smart city – programmers spend weekend improving Děčín

Israeli expert helps students in Usti Region develop creativity and mathematical thinking

23. - 25. 3. Decin City Hackathon: Smart City, Smart Mobility

Usti commissions first feasibility study for testing autonomous cars in CZ

Pavel Janos and Pavel Bernath: In CADORAN, we do trace chemical analyses and can even help companies

Global network and IT services sharing project wins Usti Dragon’s Den

Usti takes first steps towards autonomous mobility

Pavla Capkova: Nanotechnologies as a future for the Usti Region

ICUK startup among top eight biotech projects in prestigious competition

MARTINA ŠTEFANKOVÁ: From enterprise incubator to one of eight best biotech startups in CZ

Revolution in real estate advertising launched by ICUK startup

MARTIN NOVÁK: New prorector of science – wants more collaboration with industry, obtained a European patent

ICUK joins prestigious global group Tech London Advocates

OPHER BRAYER: Within a few years we want 3,000 new startups in Usti

ICUK incubator alumnus secures multimillion CZK investment

Millions for beginning entrepreneurs, ICUK startups share in the success

In October, unique teaching method developed by Israeli talent expert to begin awakening creativity and mathematical thinking in children in Usti Region

FRANTIŠEK ŠKOLNÍK - online marketing

ŠÁRKA MIŠKOVSKÁ - finance management

VÍT MUSÍLEK - exports to China

TOMÁŠ ADAM - motivation

FILIP MOLČAN - IT startups

MILAN DRÁBEK - company innovation

FRANTIŠEK PAIKRT - marketing, soft skills

MARTIN MATZKE - startup investor

4. 10. at 8.30 - Breakfast of Champions Junior

4. 10. from 10 am - FestUp - startup festival

4. 10. from 7 pm - Fuckup Night Usti nad Labem vol. 2

MIROSLAV KERHÁT: Functional application for the Usti public transport system in 48 hours

RADIM KLIMEŠ: Successful company BARD and its global patent for Smart Fungus

MARKÉTA GABRIELOVÁ: How to trade in 3D technologies?

MARTIN MATZKE: From race car to technology centre

MILAN HOTOVEC: How to transform a table, chair, computer, knowledge, and rubbish bin into victory in 24 hours

FILIP MOLČAN: From Bohemian Switzerland to Silicon Valley and back


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