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We’re diverse, full of ideas, open, inquisitive, and creative. We see to it that small ideas grow into big things. We support students and beginning entrepreneurs on the path to running their own business. We show them in which direction to take their idea and innovation. We help companies find talent, take advantage of research results, and connect with academic and research organisations. We strive to improve the quality of life in the Usti Region through innovation and enterprise.

Tomáš Siviček

Idea generator and leader. Tomáš is number-one among the hyperactive members of the team. With years of experience acquired from the Slovakian Government Office and the nonprofit sector, he’s an inspiring leader in the team’s quest to fulfil its vision for the success of the Usti Region. Tomáš looks forward to your questions and suggestions regarding the activities of the ICUK and is open to any creative ideas.

Miroslav Cingl

Strategist. The key to the successful transformation of an idea into innovation is the right strategy and precision execution. And that’s precisely what Miroslav specialises in. He gained extensive experience preparing the Regional Innovation Strategy, the Usti Region Innovation Voucher programme, and the Smart Accelerator project. Contact Miroslav to discuss your projects or grant titles.


Linda Příhodová

Charming project manager. For several years, Linda has successfully headed the District Chamber of Commerce in Louny. She draws on valuable experience acquired from projects and cooperation with entities in the corporate sector. She knows exactly what resources and energy, if any, to invest into ICUK projects to ensure they are effective and beneficial. Her main task is preparing strategic projects for the Smart Accelerator.

Václav Papřok

Finance hawk. Finances are an inherent part of any organisation, large or small. At the ICUK, they’re the responsibility of Václav, who’s also the region’s liaison officer for the Smart Accelerator project. “How much is it going to cost?” is his favourite question. He combines experience from the corporate sector with foresight acquired in the pubic sector.


Radek Miškovský

Business animal. An auspicious youth who takes quick initiative in projects, his work at the ICUK involves engaging students from (not only) the university in Usti nad Labem in real business. He seeks creative individuals as well as entire groups interested in enterprise, and he doesn’t hesitate to put ideas into action straight away. He draws upon experience gained from his own entrepreneurial activities.

Lucie Podrápská

Another hyperactive team member with creative potential. She brings to the ICUK a spirit of implementation acquired from business projects and creative classes, and she also commands considerable knowledge of the academic sector. Her activities awaken in you a desire to grow. Lucie is the person to see when you need to put a creative finish on your idea, especially in collaboration between companies and the academic sector.


Tereza Váňová

The creative organiser who likes to bake. She oversees a number of our activities, such as Breakfast of Champions Junior and the Usti Region’s historic first-ever startup festival – FestUp. Additionally, she has worked on specialised publications and teaching materials. She’s good with numbers too. That’s why in the Smart Accelerator project she helps with education activities, mapping, and promotion. Go to Tereza with any and every question.

Květoslava Čavdarová

At the ICUK, Květoslava oversees the smooth operation of the office and keeps the documentation in good order. She has experience from the academic sector, one of our target groups, where she works as a scientific research assistant and helps execute projects.


Zuzana Kubištová

Assistant with a capital “A”. There’s nothing this beautiful woman can’t handle. At the ICUK, she’s responsible for records management and emails and also helps with the organisation of events. She’ll even take a drill and climb a ladder when the roof on a four-storey building is in need of repair. She currently devotes her time to preparing the ICUK’s new coworking centre. And who else to grab a trowel than our very own Zuzana?

Lenka Hyklová

Lenka is right-hand woman to our finance hawk, Václav. When it comes to numbers, she misses nothing, and despite her young age, she has a lot of experience. Nonetheless, she wanted more and decided to pursue doctoral studies to further her education and also teach and share the knowledge she acquires. Do you sense the potential Lenka has inside?


Ondřej Klein

Making sure we get heard and you get heard too. Ondřej’s responsible for the ICUK’s marketing activities and media relations, and he’s also here to put your project, company, or idea on the map. He has extensive experience as a contributing editor and language consultant and spent several years working for a Prague PR agency, during which he also taught at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law of Charles University. He was one of the driving forces behind the revival of the Hraničář Public Hall in Usti nad Labem.

Petr Vít

Petr works with Ondřej and forms the other half of our marketing team. In his own words, he’s one of the few people to have achieved business success thanks to his employment. He’s participated in several enterprise accelerators, so his activities primarily involve communicating with new startups. 


Petr Hlaváček

Petr is the most level-headed member of the team. He puts the science and numbers into our work. He’s good with charts and graphs. Using various statistical tools, he maps the region and conducts analysis of development and innovation systems throughout. But, to make sure we understand it all, he knows how to break these complex processes down into easily comprehensible summaries.



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