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Innovation Centre of the Usti Region

Inspiration and education


Inspiration and education

We stimulate growth and collaboration

A programme for education, inspiration, and networking by way of events and meetings

For target groups of students, companies, and research organisations


We’re generating new formats and topics in the Ústí Region to advance its potential for enterprise, individuality, and innovation. We believe that new and creative things come of interaction and sharing across the fields of both study and science as well as those of enterprise and research. We believe in synergy and collaboration. That’s why we organise a range of events to connect people for education and inspiration too.

Events currently being organised or supported by ICUK can be found under Events. For a list of educational classes, lectures, and individual consulting, see our StartUp Go! and Innovation Vouchers programmes.

Want to collaborate?

We continuously seek mentors, teachers, and experienced experts from the domains of business and knowledge transfer who can help us provide support and education to beginning entrepreneurs as well as those who’ve already made some headway. Contact Radek Miškovský:

Want to help drive the development of the startup scene in the Ústí Regoin? Are you interested in trying your hand at event production or event promotion? We’re looking for volunteers and interns to provide assistance. Gain practical experience in a creative environment and take pride in the knowledge that you’re supporting a meaningful cause. And in time you might even land a paid job or establish your own startup, with which we, in turn, will help you. It’s contagious – climb on board with us by contacting Tereza Váňová:

We regularly organise /co-organise

The first startup festival in the Usti Region, it was created to motivate students and young people to start their own business. The festival features stories of both success and failure from beginning entrepreneurs and established startups and combines them with advice from experienced (even global) companies.

The popular inspirational and informal breakfast format BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS JUNIOR with a lecture by an important figure of social and economic life. Organised in collaboration with Event-Blender in an innovative form for university students and others.

A 48-hour marathon of creativity, team work, and programming prowess, during which groups of three to five participants create “something” of benefit to the public from provided or accessible data (e.g., an application, service, project, etc.) that we’ll then help put into practice.


The popular global motivational series Fuckup Night, during which successful people, namely from the ranks of entrepreneurs, present their blunders and failures and talk about how they’ve learned from them. The goal is to overcome the fear of doing business, because there can be no success without failure. Held twice annually.

The final public presentation of new startups (alumni of our StartUp Go entreprise incubator) before a panel of experts and potential investors, during which the nervousness of the “grilled” startuppers is subtly overcome by the aroma of culinary delicacies being masterfully grilled nearby. It is held twice a year.

A regular series of meetings with inspirational regional personalities, primarily from the world of enterprise, who’ve really “made it”, co-organised with the J. E. Purkyně University Student Union. Evenings full of stories, triumph and defeat, but mainly sharing and inspiration intended not only for university students.


An informal breakfast format from 3M with streamed lectures by important personalities of the scientific and business domains, social life, etc. It provides a new and inspiring perspective on or approach to various industries and helps cultivate an ecosystem of innovation.




We support

Every business is based on identifying a problem and providing a solution to it. The Soutěž a Podnikej project (Compete and Build Business) gives secondary school students the opportunity to identify such problems and come up with solutions to them. They then get to present their solution to a panel of judges and use it to create their own business plan.




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