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Experts in their fields; collaborators of the Innovation Centre of the Usti Region. In the enterprise incubator, they take on the role of lecturer for beginning companies and also provide mentorship to promising startups. If you’d like to talk with one of our experts, contact us, and we’ll set up a meeting for you.

MARTIN MATZKE - startup investor

MARTIN MATZKE - startup investor

Former racing driver turned technology startup investor. He represents ARMEX Technologies. Are you pursuing technologies and in need of a boost?

FRANTIŠEK PAIKRT - marketing, soft skills

FRANTIŠEK PAIKRT - marketing, soft skills

Certified marketing trainer for Apple and founder of the freelance association Event Blender. Want to take your presentation to the next level or kick-start an original marketing strategy?

TOMÁŠ ADAM - motivation

TOMÁŠ ADAM - motivation

A multifunctional person who likes coming up with new approaches that change the lives of others. His expertise is rooted in human psychology, communication, and shooting videos. He is founder of the company iMotivation. Need to motivate your team?

MILAN DRÁBEK - company innovation

MILAN DRÁBEK - company innovation

An innovator for manufacturing companies, where he was responsibe for change management. In more than 20 years of consulting, he’s acquired experience in both large companies and the nonprofit sector. Are you looking for the right way to manage change?

ŠÁRKA MIŠKOVSKÁ - finance management

ŠÁRKA MIŠKOVSKÁ - finance management

Financial director at CANABA a. s. and founder of the private primary and nursery school Svět, providing education based on the principles of Montessori. Not sure what to do about your cash flow?

VÍT MUSÍLEK - exports to China

VÍT MUSÍLEK - exports to China

He holds a degree in Mandarin Chinese from one of the most prestigious universities in China. Together with the embassy, he organised EXPO 2016 in Guizhou and interpreted for the Silk Road initiative at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Thinking about doing business in China?

FRANTIŠEK ŠKOLNÍK - online marketing

FRANTIŠEK ŠKOLNÍK - online marketing

One of three owners of a company specialising in tailored online marketing. And we’re talking PR articles all the way through to videocasts and more. Want to set your product off into the online world?

FILIP MOLČAN - IT startups

FILIP MOLČAN - IT startups

Is it possible to engage in enterprise and also help? Filip will show you how to turn disadvantages into advantages, how to run a business and be socially beneficial at the same time. He has experience from Silicon Valley and was named one of Europe’s TOP 100 innovators.



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