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Enterprise incubator Startup Go

STARTUP GO! is a programme for people with ideas and the drive to go into business who already have a business plan drawn up or a company based in the Ústí Region that’s less than two years old.

* At least one member of the enterprise team must be from the Ústí Region or enrolled in a school in the Ústí Region.

The company can be no more than two years old (from the date of establishment / renewal of the trade licence for the given project).


What you get



The current StartUp Go! cycle is already full. You can still sign up and consult your business plans with us. We’ll enter you in the next cycle, which will begin in October. Dates to be announced.

StartUp Go! enterprise incubator price: 1,500 CZK per project




Successful start-ups!




What kind of experts can you consult your projects with? And how best to use 10 free hours of consultation?

Choose from our experts and mentors for the current incubator cycle.



Presentation to investors


The enterprise incubator culminates with a series of presentations to investors – the StartUp Go! Grill. Because participants of the incubator are now equipped with the right skills, they’re perfectly prepared to give a presentation on their business. The expert panel always chooses winners, who are then provided with support in the form of additional services and prizes from our sponsors and the ICUK itself.


Check out the winners of the Startup Go Grill from the previous incubator cycle.






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