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Innovation Centre of the Usti Region

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The Innovation Centre of the Usti Region (ICUK) promotes positive change and increased competitiveness throughout the Usti Region by advancing enterprise and innovation, including social innovation. The ICUK was established in the autumn of 2015 by the Usti Region, J. E. Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, and the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Usti Region. Inspiration for the centre came from the good practices of other regions, such as the South Moravian Innovation Centre. 

The centre’s philosophy is based on bringing existing capacities and subjects together and identifying complementarities and synergies. Thus it is not a research organisation but a facilitator, i.e., it creates opportunities for collaboration and support of R&D and innovation activities. The most important project currently being carried out by the ICUK is Smart Accelerator.

Our goals:

  • support innovation to increase the competitiveness of companies
  • support enterprise for the creation of new companies and startups
  • support connections to strengthen the transfer of knowledge from research organisations and universities to companies

Our target groups:

  • students and beginning entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to build their own business
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that want to innovate and expand but lack an R&D base
  • to some extent large businesses looking for outside inspiration and innovative impulses (so-called open innovation)
  • research organisations in need of better targeting and application of R&D capacities

Our tools:

  • funding – innovation vouchers, financing information and consulting
  • networking – creation of opportunities to meet and get to know potential partners
  • consulting – grants, enterprise, innovation



  • energy, glass, chemistry, new areas: nanotech, Smart concepts, 3D printing, ICT, electromobility, IoT





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